My short stories


Chapter 1: Draco My Friend

There once lived a very long time ago a dragon that didn’t look at all like all the rest of the dragon species, and he was the last one of them.

The reason why he was the only one who hadn’t been exterminated was because nothing could pierce or go through his skin. He had a thick and golden scale and his wings were of red color, his eyes were also red and unlike other dragons he had a very long red mane, he also had two black horns on the front of his head and a very long tail covered till the end with red spines.

He was the most majestic creature of them all for he was the king of all the dragons and was named Draco.

The dragon king Draco had lived many centuries and has seen all of his kind being killed by humans, for humans were very afraid of these majestic creatures. They thought that they were very dangerous and of course they were not, when the dragons were attacking it was only to protect the species from ferocious human beings. Dragons didn’t eat humans but fed on the animals in the wood.

And so all of the dragons had been exterminated because of the fear of men for these beautiful creatures. But they had never been able to kill the king dragon Draco.

Many have tried, and with all sorts of weapon to kill him, not because he frightened them, but they hunted him down for his golden skin and thought that they could become rich with the skin of Draco.

Every once in a month at night Draco would get out of his cave that was found in a very high mountain that was inaccessible to humans, and he would be seeing flying and shining in the dark going to hunt for his food.

King Draco was a very wise one and would always avoid entering into conflict with the human kind. He never kept any form of vengeance or hatred against men but instead saw the best in them.

And one night when going out hunting, he came across a girl who was completely lost and crying for she had lost her way, the girl had a very long black hair that went down till her waist and half of her hair covered half of her face deformed by a large swelling, she had very black eyes and was very skinny, she had for clothes a black old dress and was barefoot.

When Draco saw how she was crying, he couldn’t help himself from approaching her, and suddenly as the girl saw him she immediately stop crying, she just couldn’t take off her eyes from this beautiful creature, she was attracted to him like a magnet.

Draco let her approach him, and with her hands without hesitation she caressed the long mane of the dragon king.

“My name is Ela, I got lost while running away from my home, my parents and my four sisters don’t love me, they said that I was a horrible monster and that all the people of my village were always laughing at them because of me, they said that since the day I was born I have only brought bad luck and shame on them, and my parents said that they didn’t know what they had done to the light for they had been given an ugly creature for daughter.” Said Ela sorrowfully.

And tears rolled from the eyes of Draco, he couldn’t help his big heart from breaking on seeing so much pain on the face of Ela.

“You know Dragon I am not a bad girl, I do everything that they tell me to do, and I do all the works they give me even the most disgusting, and I do it happily without complaining and try giving them satisfaction in all what I do.”

“And I never argue with them or all the people who are continually saying bad things to me, because I know that I am really ugly and that I really do look like a monster.” She said painfully.

And having heard all the grief of Ela, Draco put his face on her shoulder hoping that she could feel how much he was touched by all of her griefs and sorrows, and Ela at that moment felt an inexplicable emotion arouse deep from the bottom of her heart and it was a kind of feeling that she had never felt before, she thought that perhaps at last she had made a friend.

“You know dragon I am feeling cold and hungry.” Said Ela in a shy voice.

So Draco with flames coming out from his mouth lighted up a big fire, and with his fierce claws he teared the food had hunted, Ela took a piece and put it on the fire so as to eat it.

After having eaten, Ela was feeling very tired, she laid on the ground by the side of the fire to get some warmth, but she was still feeling so cold, so Draco approached her and wrapped his body all around Ela and she fell peacefully asleep.

At sunrise when Ela woke up there was no sign of the dragon but found that Draco had created a path with branches so as to help her find her way to her village.

And when finally she got home, she realized that nobody had even noticed her disappearance and that as usual she was being ignored, and being used to all these, she just went on along doing her daily tasks.

(Chapter 2: A ride accross the sky)



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