Happy Janmashtami.

Today we celebrate the birth of  Krishna who is one of the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu the ‘supreme god’ and ‘preserver of the universe’. The celebration of this birth is also known as  Janmashtami.

On this occasion, the devotees stays up until midnight, the time when Krishna is believed to be born, lord Krishna is being worshipped and the ceremony is being accompanied by religious songs, dance and gifts.

In the times when gods and goddesses ruled the earth in the district of Mathura in the modern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh lived a princess named Devaki who was married to Vasudeva, Devaki had for brother the cruel demon king Kamsa, known for having Imprisoned his own father the king Ugrasen, so as to take his place on the throne of Mathura and causing tyranny among the people.

But one day the demon king Kamsa heard a prophecy coming from a voice from the sky(Akashvani) that told him that he was to be killed by the eighth child of his sister Devaki. Furious, he wanted to attempt to the life of his sister but the cruel king was being stopped by Devaki’s husband Vasudeva, Kamsa spared her life but imprisoned both husband and wife with the intention of killing all of their newborn babies.

Later lord Vishnu appeared to Devaki and Vasudeva, telling them that he would reincarnate himself in the eighth son of Devaki, that he would kill the evil king Kamsa, set them free and restore the king Ugrasen on the throne, and along the way appeasing the griefs of Devaki and Vasudeva in having their other children killed by Kamsa.

Lord Vishnu gave Devaki and Vasudeva instructions on what to do on the day of his birth, that is when Devaki will have given birth to her eighth child, Vasudeva will have to exchange their baby boy and return back with a baby girl who would have been born from a cowherd chief named Nanda and her wife named Yashoda.

So after being born at midnight, Vasudeva took the baby to the village of Gokula and was being helped by the divine in his quest, he faced many trouble along his way, but he was being protected by Vishnu so as to accomplish his mission.

So here was part of the story behind the birth of lord Krishna.


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