My Poems-Proses-Lyrics


Music takes me to another dimension

Somewhere over the stars, somewhere beyond the black hole that separates us from whatever we humans may call it

Me I call this hidden place paradise

A place of total freedom, a place that gives me solace, a place of cadence, rhythm and complete trance

Music relieves my soul from every negative vibes and from every ill minded illusions

Am being set free and returned to my primary state, am in a cocoon.. my cocoon 

A habitat where everybody is being shut out, where my conscience become one with the vibes, the sound and the melody that is so dear to my ears and heart

It soothes every broken parts of my inner me, every corner of my mind is being regenerated by every beat that electrify through all the cells of my body

When I listen to some form of music, I can assure you that I feel like being at home, a feeling that I have lived there, in another place and another time

That music..oh if only I could describe to you the feeling of déjà vu that pulse in every part of my body

A warm feeling takes over my body, am being appeased when listening to the music I love

I just have to close my eyes and there I am being delivered to the place that I belong to, to my former home

A place forgotten by my actual body but remembered by the spirit that lives inside of me

And music will always remind me where my true home is, so that every step that I take in life may be fulfilled by those invisible mantras, felt only by our heart.

                                                       ╟Christa Chn╢



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