Sayings, Thoughts & Quotes

The summit

Drawings from my mind
Nature, fir and flowering hybrids.
No mountain is steep or
 high enough to climb
 When we want
 To reach the summit.

I don’t know sometimes some random pictures pops up into my head, and they come out like that . . . lol, do you think if I printed this on a shirt for my boys, it will look weird? 

That thing on the right looks really weird . . . lol, did you see that it has a hat? What is that for god sake . . . lol.

But though everything else looks absurd, the quote has some meaning, well at least there is something positive here! I still don’t know if I should publish that post . . .

Okay take my courage in two hands 🙂 Tic . . PUBLISH 🙂

Much Love Christa♥♥♥


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