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When I look into those eyes—I see myself emerging in a deep ocean— where only you can be seen swimming among the creatures of the sea, in a place of total desperation but yet in an area of complete serenity, compassion and love.

Those eyes tell me a thousand stories, it tells me how you have lived a millions of years in despair and anger but also in joy and happiness.

Every single look that you cast on me takes me to places that I have never been before, am like Alice that goes to wonderland, and there am being transported in areas of land that only are plotted and cultivated by your soul.

I envy every single step that those eyes takes without me gazing at you, your eyes are a deep and profound abyss where the color of darkness rules alongside the color of light, sometimes the ring of these tunnels shows the colors of the rainbows too.

So many times have those eyes saved me from sinking, the deepest ocean would have have changed their colors if it would have leaped in the corners of your soul while hiding it behind a mist of thick vapors, you guard it like the treasures of a royal chamber.

It’s your right to not show the world the intensity of these marvelous eyes, sometimes you would say to me that you would like them to be as hazel, green, intense and transparent as the color of a green marble, and you would laugh at it, and there the true colors of your eyes would light up every single beat of my heart.

How lucky am I to be the only one able to look into those lovely eyes, eyes of flames and of crystal clear water, often shedding tears of sadness and happiness but never will I be tired of looking through those windows to your soul in the mirror of our home.


Written a year ago, updated to the daily post for the theme eyes.


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