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The Magical Tale Of Ilona

The Magical Tale Of Ilona

Ilona was a girl who had many friends, she was a quite popular girl, always smiling and ready to help anyone that was in need, she also had a good shoulder to cry on.

One day Ilona and her friend Betty attended a small party given by one of their friend, it was so much fun being there, everyone had a great time that day.

After returning home, Ilona got a call from her friend that had organised the party, “Ilona, I have lost some money that was in my purse, and you were the only person with me in the other room at that time.”

“What! you are saying that I robbed your money! there were many people who came into that room after me, how could you accuse me of such a nasty thing.” Said Ilona sadly.

“Nevermind Ilona, but you were the one that was with me in that room.” he said to her.

“That’s really ridiculous of you in accusing me in something that I didn’t do, I may be poor but I work hard and I would have never done that to you or any of the other friends.” Said Ilona with tears in her eyes.

“I said that I didn’t mind.” shouted her friend. And after that he hanged up the phone.

After what happened Ilona was so upset and confused, she suddenly remembered that Betty was the only person that entered the room after that she left.

So she phoned Betty, and asked her if she had got a call from their mutual friend, but to Ilona’s astonishment, Betty replied negatively, Ilona was devastated, for she knew that she will be the one being accused of the robbery, Betty was a really beautiful girl, and she was the kind of girl who every man would have to want, and for sure he wouldn’t be believing her, for he was in love with Betty, but as being a good friend of Betty she also knew that Betty was in great need of money and that her path was not a good one.

But on that day Ilona promised to herself that she would take all the blame if ever she was being accused, for she had a very tender heart, not that she was naive, but it was her philosophical way of living.

And sadly from that day on Ilona lost all of her friends, her place of work became her place of torture, her so called friends spread the rumors about her being a robber, and that she should not be trusted, her friend didn’t even questioned the other people who were present that day at the party, not even Betty was being questioned about the money lost.

And everybody will be leaving their purse, their bag or some money on the table only to see if she would be robbing them, there would be some that would be saying many cruel things about her, and they even gossiped about things she had never even done before, and the saddest part is that Betty was with them, laughing at their cynical comments, created so as to inflict deep wounds to the soul of Ilona, she was all alone and she couldn’t leave her job for she needed to work.

But she knew deep in her heart that she wasn’t guilty, and she kept faith that the truth always come out, she continued her way and made as if she didn’t care that she was being unfairly insulted by everyone, but her heart was breaking in thosand of pieces.

Then one day when she was crying, came in a man of great wisdom.

“why are you hurting yourself like that my child? tell me the truth have you stole that money?” 

Ilona looked him straight in the eye and said no.

“So tell me my child why didn’t you told everybody else the truth? why didn’t you fight for your reputation? the moment you looked me in the eye and said that you didn’t commit that theft, I believed you, so tell me why didn’t you told them so and continued let them torture you that way?” He asked.

“Sounds strange but it was as if something was not letting me talk about that, it was as if when I wanted to open my mouth and cry out my innocence it was as if somebody was blocking my mouth and was whispering to me, to say nothing, it was like that all the time, but I don’t know why and how this time it came out naturally.” Said Ilona.

“There are mysteries in life that need not to be known, but never backdown, never let anybody push you to a wall, perhaps this time there were some supernatural things that were being at work, but never forget to fight, don’t let you be dragged down, and if ever you find yourself being discouraged and want to guard down your weapons, go find someone so as to help you in your fight, seek and you will find, never loose your faith, every creature and every human being needs compassion and love.” said the very wise man.

And after that the good man gave Ilona a bag and said, “don’t worry about what there is in it, its my pleasure for giving you those, it’s for you, you see Ilona sometimes some bad things happen in someone life for it’s the start of a new one, some people destiny are like that, and you have to go with the current of your life.” And after saying that he left.

When opening the bag she saw a cellular phone and an envelope that contained money, she couldn’t believe her eyes, it was magical, a stranger coming from nowhere, someone whom she had never seen before, giving her the exact sum of money that was needed to get her family out of trouble and her first cellular phone! her smile returned and so thankful, she was even being shifted to another company where she could start a new life, and this all happened in a period time of three months.

What to say and what to think about that chapter of her life still remains a total mystery that has proved to her that there are unnatural things that takes place in some people lives, and that god works in some mysterious ways (les voies du seigneur sont impénétrables).