My short stories


Once lived in the forest of Stonehail a charming and beautiful dryad named Amalia. She lived among the nymphs and the other creatures of the wood. And amongst all of the nymphs  Amalia had the most enchanting voice of them all, and when she would sing the sound of her voice would echo all through the forest.

One day as she was swimming in the lake of the enchanted forest of Stonehail, the sound of her melodious voice echoed till the ears of a boy named Govin, he liked to play the flute, and while Amalia sang he mixed the sound of the voice of Amalia to the lyrics of his flute, and was attracted towards the beautiful nymph.

When he arrived at the lake, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a girl with long shiny hair and deep blue eyes, and how beautiful was that girl, he was overwhelmed with a feeling of complete love, he was totally under the spell of the nymph.

And at the sight of the young man, Amalia heart too was submerged with a feeling of great romance, something powerful that she had never felt before. As Govin continued to play his flute, unafraid and with an irresistible attraction and charmed by the delightful lyrics played by Govin, she immersed from the water with the light of the moon drawing the curves of her naked body. And though it was a very cold night, Govin felt a rise in the temperature of his body and felt like losing all of his senses.

Amalia approached him and said: “You are a good artistic player, continue to play and I will sing for you.”

“Can you please put something on you, am feeling so embarrassed at the sight of you being naked, and then I will be able to play my instrument” said Govin in a shy voice.

Amalia laughed in a sweet way, she turned her back and put her long dress on. And Govin started playing again his flute and Amalia sang, the melody that came out from their performance was unbelievable, it was an enchanted melody, so beautifully synchronised and enchanting.



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