Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics


If we could only see that the moon and the sun shows us the path to deliverance and kindness

If we could only listen to what the trees and all that surrounds us are trying to say to us

If we could only open our heart only for a few minutes to the call of mother earth, we would have entangle our souls and be gods and goddesses walking on earth and flying in the sky, we would have been able to make magic 

The kind of magic that would have delivered humanity from all its misery, we would have understood the real meaning of love and harmony

We would have put pain and fear in a cage and tied it forever with chains of love and threw ourselves in a war for love.

But where have we left our hearts ? To whom have we given our humanity ? What is the source of all these infliction ?

Am asking myself are we returning in an era of uncivilised nation ? Has education turned us into fools ? Where has gone our primal instincts ? Will there come a day where humanity will learn to live as one ? Will we one day stop being our own slaves ?

Perhaps we need to return to our foetal and archaic state !!! 

In a state where we will see each and every one as a holy human being, respecting and guiding each other on the path of love and compassion, a path where every religion teaches us the way of loving and treating everyone as our alter ego

We would have forged an unbreakable link from which would have emerged a universe of same psychic thoughts, how powerful and indestructible we would have been

Thinking as ONE and having strong thoughts of love, compassion and forgiveness, looking in the same direction and having a powerful vision of our future, how beautiful would it have been


And earth would have been a battlefield of love.

With much love Christa♥♥♥


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