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SAME KIND (Human Race)

SAME KIND (Human Race)

The sun sets on the good as on the bad 

The moon rises on the just as on the unjust

We all breathe the same air and exhale the same particles

Our blood is of the same colour, red as the magma larva

We are all being created and being expelled in the same way

We all have the same cycle of life, we are being given birth, we die and we vanish to dust

And though we don’t have the same human characteristics and same genes, we are all made up of living cells and this from the beginning of time of creation

We form part of the same kind and we are HUMANS. (Christa♥♥♥)

                               Belated tribute from me for the LOVE WINS memorial day

Paint by Nite Columbus
Paint by Nite Columbus

Being homosexual is not a choice—we don’t wake up one fine morning saying, “hey! mum, hey dad! hey! family and friends. . . today I decided to be gay.” Can that sort of thought just pop out of your head like that . . . I don’t think so.

Here is in what I believe: Science has looked at the causes of homosexuality, and more generically the causes of human sexual orientation, with the general conclusions being related to biological and environmental factors. The biological factors that have been researched are genetic and hormonal, particularly during the fetal developmental period, that influence the resulting brain structure, and other characteristics such as handedness. There are a wide range of environmental factors (sociological, psychological, or early uterine environment), and various biological factors, that may influence sexual orientation; though many researchers believe that homosexuality may be caused by a complex interplay between nature and nurture, they favor biological models for the cause. (WIKIPEDIA)

So I guess if pregnant women stop eating chicken:) or other products that contains hormones—because nowadays hormonal injections in animals are very common—so as to be able to feed the mass growing population of carnivores that we are, hormones are being injected to little chicks that just hatched from their eggs, thus forcing their growing up in becoming big and juicy chickens for us to eat:).

I do think that it is of our duty to love these beautiful people for what they are and they have the same right as all of us to be treated with respect and dignity while protecting them from every form of nastiness that may come in their way, and above all we have to listen to their little heartaches—for not caring or not listening to their torments might turn escalade towards suicides tendencies and even death among our children who are being bullied by others who by themselves are unaware of this subject.

Parents and teachers should especially take time and effort to try to explain this delicate matter to their children, but for this to become a reality, grown up people should also be more open and comprehensive.

Finally, no matter how old this post will become before it is able to be found on the web :), you humble time traveller’s comment from the future will always be welcomed.

Love, Peace and Harmony.




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