My short stories

Drastic Change (Part2)

2023, one year has elapsed since our world has gone into a radical change, we got rid of all the weapons  and of all the other threats that was the cause of so much misery and sadness in our lives.

We were at last living in peace and there were no wars, no boundaries, no communalism and no more humans that thought that they were superior to another human, no more caring of having money or not. Our society had become a better place to live in.

Regions which have been devastated by war during a long period of time have engaged themselves in the path of freedom and peace, divide and rule was their strategy, but they failed, we overcame our fears and in unity we overthrown them. We were at last set free.

And now in 2023 our top priority was to save the inheritance of our children, restoring little by little the balance of nature and the damages done to our mother the earth by us.

For billions of years Ozone molecules have protected life on earth from the effects of ultraviolet rays, and we men were destroying this important shield by the use of intense use of poisonous chemicals, so these factories had to be shut down, and the population decided that the use of products using CFS and other poisonous gas would be banned and that these were only nonessential products.

Also the decline in the Ozone layer resulted in great biological consequences as an increase among the population in skin cancer, sunburn, cataracts and along the way causing also damages to plants and a reduction in the plankton population in the ocean, thus starving aquatic animals from their main source of food.

And don’t we forget the loss of habitat of millions of species and our lands turning in barren desserts due to intense deforestation caused by us. It was of our duty to save our planet. So as always in peace and unity we won another hard battle.

And after sometimes a group of people of different races and origins decided to go live on an island, for it was being seen that in a near future men’s heart was to be again corrupted with material things.

And I was one of them, I was very young when we set sail for this far away land which we called the Pacific island, forty years that me and the other inhabitants are living in peace, harmony and unity.

We are a very strong population, without any illness and we are very intelligent. The children on our island are being taught since a very early age the art of self-defense without any weapons, the art of crafts, discipline and the philosophy of living.

We live happily here and we trade amongst ourselves only things that we need, we build everything with our own hands, we cultivate what we eat and we eat only fish that are in the sea and rivers, we are a free population and we have great respect for each other’s.

So here is our message sent in bottles in the ocean to all those who wants to join us, along with the true story of our struggles so as to make our earth a better place to live in and a map of where we are.

If you believe in peace, love, harmony, unity and love nature, we hope that you come here a place that put pafism on top. Love to all of you. <3<3<3


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