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Drastic Change (Part1)

Drastic Change (Part 1)

2022 . . .  a year that shall never be forgotten by the earthlings. All the people across the seven continents came together to live as ONE. Love, peace and harmony was the last word weapon that, implanted in the heart of all the human race, burned valiantly in the heart of everyone. Peace was the only institution that we accepted for the sake of all the future generation.

Fear was eradicated from the heart of every single person living on mother earth. We forwarded towards the  an era of drastic change. Heartaches caused from shedding so much tears from loosing a child, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a friend, a lover, or any other human that was close to our heart were turned into wounds of wisdom, and this for many centuries to come.

No other human would have to suffer again from scars and mutilation inflicted to their soul and their body due to battles and wars that meant nothing in the achievement of once country. Atrocities committed on innocent people by soldiers of death, to take power over territories that didn’t belonged to them would be forever wiped out of our mind. Gangs that were the cause of mass raping, killing and the torturing of our children existed no more, alongside their distribution of drugs which caused dependency, poverty, irrationality and criminality were forever disbanded and thrown in boiling waters of forgetfulness.

The time has come to overthrow the government of the entire world for the sake of our nation, for they have closed their eyes on the fabrication of mass destructive weapons, while trading them with other countries that used these as instruments of war—causing threats and conflicts among people of the same race and blood.

All these traumatic situations caused among the mass a psychosis that laddered till hatred for other religions, we lived in constant fear of being having our blood being spilled before the eyes of our children. We were afraid to live.

A French creative who goes by the name Mister Blick fuses vintage black and white photographs with colorful illustrations of flowers.
A French creative who goes by the name Mister Blick fuses vintage black and white photographs with colorful illustrations of flowers.

Yes people across the continent, from Africa to Asian continent decided to change all these by making a revolution this day so that the human kind could live at last in peace.

Fearless and for only weapon unity, love, harmony and determination, we took all of our courage and with banners of hope we walked in the streets heads high, and we all destroyed all these weapons that made us wept and the cause of so much unhappiness, all the drugs dealers locked up and the destruction of their sites, everything that was a threat to our freedom of living and to the life of the future generation.

So now we were partly free from our tormentors and our next step was the battle for the preservation of our nature.

PEACE <3<3<3




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