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    My beautiful pain

Days of complete despair

Days of great misery

Days crying for help

Days of insidious screams

Days of feeling of loneliness

Feeling of complete destruction

You had my soul in darkness

Like a hostage you kept me

Veiling my eyes from seeing the light

Loving me like a wicked lover

Swallowing up my thoughts and innocence

But yet I learned from you

You were the mentor of my life

And when I finally learned to love

You decided to set me free

And returned me to lightness. (christa♥♥♥)

For some days I have seen some posting about inflicting scars to oneself. So let us see if one loved his or her own body which means our soul, would have they continued torturing their soul like that, i myself know many people who inflicted themselves with this kind of wounds, it’s a relief they say…an act of despair when nobody seems to hear your scream of loneliness, misery or complete misunderstanding.

So evacuate the pain, how…i had a friend and when at last she understood the fact that it was really not good what she was doing and by hurting herself she was hurting all the persons who loved her, so she WANTED to change and decided that every time she would feel frustrated instead of inflicting marks, she would pierce her ears 🙂

Doing this she started to feel beautiful as she was starting to love herself and started to buy all sorts of earrings..and she started to make tattoos on her body, and that’s how she came across all that pain that flawed in her mind and veins.

So she turned her body into a canvas where she could expose her artwork, can we say that love saved her ? or was it art ?….with much love.

Christa <3<3<3



  1. Having to give the title so.
    The reflections being so.
    The experience of the pain so.
    It proves of real love so.
    It is always to leave one so.
    A lover can be wicked so.
    It all matters when we think so.
    It should end so.
    Tell your friend I said so.
    My salutations, you have perfectly blended the lines.

    Liked by 1 person

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