Hello, so here I am finally knowing what to put on the blog I wanted to create. I have been turning around for days and weeks with many hesitations. And in only a fraction of second while being on my favourite social website which by the way starts with a P:), my brain was striked with the idea of the conception of the blog which is the love theme.


At first I wanted to make a fantasy blog..yes I love everything about fantastical world..well its much more a fascination for me, you see aliens, science fiction art…ok now I think I should stop now:). So as I said previously, it should have been called ‘Fantasy Lyricism’, but there was an ingredient missing in all of this, and I kept turning around, and then I suddenly realised that I was a sensible person and that what touched me the most in all songs, art, poems, stories, movies or the stories from me was love. Yes such a simple thing.50647029545ebc5d7b4c40b39179e0a3

The most basic and most natural feeling in the whole word, the one thing that keeps every human beings bond together, this one thing was right behind my eyes and being myself a big romantic and as I made the connection between all the things that I loved so much, it came to me that love should be my blogging theme.


So I will be posting everything that is related to love, which are pictures, art (sci-fi, digital, drawings), photography, movies, poems, songs, that is everything lovable 🙂

And finally i will like to give a big thanks to all the beautiful outthere that have contributed in inspiring me in one way or the other in making my love blog. Having finally hatched from my egg :), but still a long way to go, and hoping making my way safely to the shore. With much love.




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