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Can somebody help me with answering some questions concerning Creative Common License

Many posts after, I have decided to attribute a proper Creative Common License to my blog, so that everybody, and not only a handful of people might gain the right to use some of my writings. However, I still have unanswered questions and some doubts about this all. I hope that someone might give me… Continue reading Can somebody help me with answering some questions concerning Creative Common License

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

An attempt filled with hopes & dreams

A tentative where i breath in hope and exhale out self-doubts, a walk accross a bridge of contemplation, there where i finally rest my tiresome thoughts. I remember the days before where I would be all day learning to set up my blog on wordpress, and then came the days where I was able to… Continue reading An attempt filled with hopes & dreams

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Peculiar night dream

  A peculiar dream It was a night dream, Same as in a peculiar day, All were brushed out and stormed Here in my heart of gold and stone. The openings to another world, Just like in Narnia and Stargate, I permit myself to rest and think About this reality and its eternity. It was… Continue reading Peculiar night dream

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Critical Friday

Well, some Fridays are just like that . . .  just critical. A Friday just dying into the critical, Drowning myself into the ethanol . . . Caught in the physical, Calling and hurdling in the cynical. Wash and wish, i seek i seek i seek I swore i swore i swore. Then again i… Continue reading Critical Friday

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An homage to a mystic

I would like to introduce you to the one who made mysticism my obsessive eternal quest. Nostradamus is renown for his prophecies, but frankly speaking I have never understood any of it. Everything about his predictions seems all so nebulous, that is what I have tried to incur in the words I have written here. If… Continue reading An homage to a mystic

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Foggy was the night…

I tried to copy the style of the writer, Edgar Allan Poe here. To me, his style of putting heart aches and love affairs into a magnificent gory and gothic melancholic way has always made me a great admirer of his writings.   Foggy was the night when i met him, Torned in the flesh,… Continue reading Foggy was the night…


I always return

When in doubts, i often take a look at my poetries and i regain confidence to come back again. It is outsanding how i miss writing on my WordPress blog. All the love that i feel around here is so soothing and cool. You all know around here, i dissappear for a while, but then… Continue reading I always return